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Bailey Properties

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Bailey Properties


Bailey Properties, Inc is a local, family-owned real estate business that is well-known in the state of Missouri as the “Go-To” Brokerage company when you are thinking about buying or selling land. They are a small boutique business with no allegiance to any brand or franchise. Their duty and loyalty is to God, family and their clients. They have been in the land sales business for over 30 years with a long history of land ownership and stewardship. They are proud to boast that Bailey Properties, Inc has contributed to setting the top in land prices, as well as being involved in very large Missouri land auctions. When you are ready to list your property for sale, we hope that you give us the opportunity to interview for the job.

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Bailey Properties is the premiere rural real-estate company in Missouri. They don't just sell homes, they sell dream homes. Huge plots of land, giant houses—you name it, they've got it. With over 30 years of experience in the land sales business and a long history of ownership, we felt their brand deserved a look of well-established no-nonsense luxury, while still maintaining that homegrown, down-to-earth feeling you get when working with Bailey Properties.

The site is fully responsive, and features dynamically populated IDX real estate listings as well as a few "secret" listings Taylor and Drennan have in their back pocket. No matter your schedule or pace of lifestyle, we wanted Bailey Properties to be able to serve you to the best of their ability. on an iPhone business cards

In addition to designing and developing, Bailey Properties also hired us to create a brand. This includes their new logo, business cards, and letterhead for those official documents. stationery


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