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Project Details:

  • Photography
  • eCommerce
  • Audio/Video Production

The Covered Lint Roller

Time Frame: 2012 - 6 weeks

What the client wanted:  The client was interviewing website development companies to make her dream come true, to make her product come alive in a cute, whimsical, e-commerce website platform.  The challenge was to present this patent pending product in a way that reminded all lint roller users of the failures of conventional lint rollers and present a solution by telling the story in a simple video commercial without being too heavy handed.

What the client supplied us with: Prototypes of the product, logo files and general input.

What We did for them: First, HLM created a storyboard to outline the sequence of images needed to create the story.  A script than accompanied the story board along with in-house professional photography that presented the problem and solution.  Finally, the complete line of products was smartly displayed with a Call to Action to order!  Our client loves it!