Need Professional Audio or Video Production?

Guided by our "Will this bring our customers more business?" philosophy, Hot Lava Media couples traditional marketing and cutting-edge audio, video and presentation products to make your business shine. PowerPoint presentations... with animations... and audio? Sure, we do that. Video, with you as the star, professionally modeled on a green screen? Yep, we do that too. Are you controling what your customers hear while their waiting on the line? Well, our highly successful On Hold Advertising Systems may be just what you are looking for. We understand your business, we put ourselves in your shoes, we "Get It" when it comes to budgets and we strive to make sure everything we do has a significant return to your bottom line.


Professional Voice-overs

From podcasts to voice mail greetings, Hot Lava Media's Custom Voice Production makes sure your business communications sound clear and consistent. It's how you run a business! We have several examples of you clients have used our exclusive audio components on their websites for testimonials or as professionally produced podcasts with music and announcer intros and outros for that polished appeal. These days, you are judged by your ability to speak. Want to make sure you are putting the right foot forward?? Check out these examples.

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Website Audio

This is the less intrusive cousin of website video. Our AudioVu on site audio programs can play when clicked or launch automatically, male or female, music or no music and always professionally produced. Plus we host the AudioVu content so it does not bog down your website on slower visitor connections, gotta love technology!! For a fraction of what video costs you can deliver the distinction of multimedia on your website, grab the attention of each visitor and move their progress through your site with audio direction.

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On-Hold Advertising

At your business, when a call is put on hold what are callers hearing? Silence, a radio station playing a competitor commercial, or a message on hold from 2005? Effective on-hold advertising can move a prospect to purchase, ask questions, and according to AT&T stay on the line nearly 70% longer. But you gotta do it right. And Hot Lava Media has been producing outstanding On-Sold Advertising systems services for the last 25 years. We literally "Wrote the Book" on how on-hold advertising programs can be extremely effective.

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Powerpoint Development

Getting ready for that big big big client meeting or conference and need a Powerpoint Presentation that just rocks?? Here, is where a few bucks and a little time invested can yield dividends for years to come. Not just because you will win the new business but you will be able to customize the presentation we put together for you and use it over and over. We can insert special effects, audio, video and we guarantee you will shine. By developing master slides and eye catching animations for your day in the lights you will rivet audience attention, stay on topic and win the business. Because you came in knowing what you were doing...With a hand from Hot Lava Media!

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Podcast Production

There's all kinds of cheesy podcast recording software out there. Go ahead, knock yourself out. But do you know how to edit? Mix down music? Royalty free music? And then set everything up in a professional delivery environment? Podcasts are great as quick ways to get information out or as teasers to longer programs. Whenever we show some of our examples we get that wide eyed stare as our clients, all of the sudden, are thinking of how they might apply this very effective, relatively inexpensive multimedia tool. You heard it here first!

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HTML5 Audio

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HTML5 Video

The new buzz is all about video on websites, Youtube, etc. Video this video that! Friends, do it professionally and you look like you know what you are doing. Do it from your 3rd bedroom and you look foolish. Hot Lava professional video production puts you and your business front and center, like you know what you are doing. We'll create the story board, shot selections and write the scripts. Use professional video on your website, social media and blogs from Hot Lava Media.

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Professional photography makes all the difference in the presentation of your business. You want bright, crisp and well thought out shots to showcase you and your products. We have a classically trained photographer on staff that has experience in creating beautiful product and food shots, business headshots, event photography and interior/exterior photography.

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