Now is the Time to Increase Your Web Presence

Let Hot Lava Media Help You Increase Your Online Presence

I am not going to candy coat it—the businesses that have done a good job with search engine optimization, social media and online reputation management are reaping benefits right now. With the "outbreak that shall not be named" changing our daily lives, more and more of us are depending on web search for our daily needs, entertainment and information. Despite the panic and social distancing, drains are still clogging, computers are still going down and general business has to get done. Having a strong web presence gives businesses the advantage of getting those calls and emails.

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Farewell To the Written Word

Is the written word going the way of hieroglyphics?

Let’s face it. No one writes anymore. The pencil, the pen and the paper are quickly becoming obsolete in this new century. Schools have even gone away from teaching cursive handwriting. Typing has become the new form of communication. Some people type faster with thumbs than many of us can with our ten total digits. Why is this not a phenomenon but a fact? It’s because we have become device addicted.

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Web Design Trends: Minimalism

Minimalism as a trend in web design

A blast from the past, minimalism is a classic web design trend bound to stay. While forms and features of minimalism have changed over the years, its essentials stay the same—winning over the hearts of both designers and end-users through elegance, usability, and simplicity. Minimalism in web design can mean a plethora of things—from minimalistic graphic elements, and narrow color palettes, to a bare minimum of text and website navigation.

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Don’t Blame the Internet: Why the Largest Retailer of the 20th Century Failed

“You’re killing your salesforce.” I heard myself utter these words to a client well, prospect at the time. The good news, this was the “hot button” that stopped them in their tracks and got them over the hump. In the web design business “failure to innovate” can be a great sales approach or a point of contention. One must tread lightly when speaking in these terms. My words on this particular day were spot on.

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