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Your first impression is critical. Those first five seconds on your website can make or break the opportunity to sell a product, generate an inquiry or even secure a donation. With all the effort and dollars you expend to get prospects to your website, NOW is the time to shine. NOW is the time for that valuable visitor to immerse themselves in your business. NOW, you should consult with Hot Lava Media, the top website developer and design company in St. Louis (with a customer base that spans the U.S.), to create a productive SEO and mobile-friendly website with the functionality you need to transform online visitors into real live business.

Hot Lava Media offers a wide range of web design and maintenance services for all types of businesses. Call us today at 314.721.2201 for a free website evaluation.


Web Design & Development

It's more than simply putting together a cool design and calling it a day. At Hot Lava Media our job is to understand your business, who your customers are, what information they need and how best to deliver your strategic selling advantage. Only after we uncover these key elements of your new website design can we begin to deliver a website that will inspire your visitors.

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Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website, whether originally constructed by Hot Lava Media or another firm is critical to it's long term success. Your website must function correctly, deliver pertinent, current information through a contemporary design. If you are not happy with your current website design, if your site is in desperate need of updating or in many cases only partially built, please contact us for professional assistance.

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CMS Websites

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow our clients to do many website updates themselves saving time and money. Typically, if there is any design "Heavy Lifting" we'll get the call. Hot Lava Media constructs websites utilizing the worlds most popular open source CMS platforms, WordPress and Joomla!. Plus we edit and update websites built on a multitude of proprietary CMS platforms including Godaddy, 1and1, Register, Heritage and many, many others.

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E-commerce functionality can be used for one time product purchases, recurring subscription charges, registrations, invoice payments. If you want to collect on line, Hot Lave Media designers can help you decide the the most economical systems to use so your net margins are as high as possible. From Lint Rollers to catalog sales to non profit donations...Cha-ching!

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Broadcast Email Marketing

Are you taking advantage of your years of accumulated contacts? With a database of as few as 500 email addresses Hot Lava Media can develop an email marketing campaign that will generate leads and inquiries, keep you top of mind, and expand your business from the contacts you already have. It's not enough for you to just sign up for an email service and hope for the best.

Your emails need design, functionality calls to action and provide desirable content. We can guide you through, get you started and conduct the entire program for you. If you have the time, design capability and programming expertise by all means use broadcast email to your advantage. Want a hand from pros who do it everyday for everybody from car dealers to resale shops? Call Hot Lava Media at 314.721.2201 today!

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Mobile & Responsive

Websites built by Hot Lava Media are tested on all browsers, on all formats (PC, Mac, Android, IPad and IPhone) to make sure they render properly to every visitor. Additionally for added punch and functionality, we design mobile sites specifically geared to deliver key info and navigation instantly. A review of your prospects and how are they accessing your website will best determine your mobile website requirements.

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Hosting & Domains

Hot Lava Media contracts with the largest NOCs (Network Operations Centers) in America to provide flawless Business Class hosting solutions. Multiple redundancy ensures your website is safe, secure and backed up daily. In addition we perform domain searches, registrations and pursue domain properties that are for sale or at auction.

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Business Email

We are serious when it comes to email that works and allows you to function from your computer, phone or iPad or tablet. Plus, with Hot Lava Media Business Class email, you can have unlimited storage, professional email signatures and availability on any computer anywhere in the world. We set it and you up, on your devices, included.

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Social Networking

For some businesses, using social media as a marketing vehicle is of no consequence but for many, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In and other industry specific outlets are critical marketing platforms. We can help you, guide you and manage these Social Media outlets exclusively for your company.

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Search Engine Optimization

Not only does Hot Lava Media handle SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for several household brands, we also provide these SEO services for small businesses as well. Plus plus plus...When we build your website we INCLUDE site-side SEO components at no additional charge. And these are elements that many developers don't do or even know about.

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