Minimalism as a trend in web design

A blast from the past, minimalism is a classic web design trend bound to stay. While forms and features of minimalism have changed over the years, its essentials stay the same—winning over the hearts of both designers and end-users through elegance, usability, and simplicity. Minimalism in web design can mean a plethora of things—from minimalistic graphic elements, and narrow color palettes, to a bare minimum of text and website navigation.

The trend rose to prominence as a way of accommodating ebbing screen sizes and attention spans. Usability and navigating throughout the website are alleviated thanks to the extremely minimalist menu that takes away much of the difficulty, shifting visitors' focus from how to find certain information to engaging in information itself.

A good way of achieving minimalism in web design is ditching a heavy paragraph for a high-quality image or a video that would convey the message of the text in a more enticing and straightforward manner.